Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Coffee

Halfway through a week of waking up early to go to training.  Grad school has spoiled me because I have the luxury of sleeping in most days if needed/wanted.  This cup was one of Paw-Paws and I love it love it love it :)  Yes, I'm the sentimental one in the family!!  I found some scrubs from Carraway yesterday that I think Adam got from a friend in high school who's mom worked there maybe?? I don't really know where they came from, but it made me smile a little when I saw them. :)

So maybe this wasn't so wordless haha! :)  :)

The plan for tomorrow after training is to do a little sewing with Megan while we finish watching Pushing Daisies...our new Netflix favorite haha. :)  If any good sewing results, I'll put up some pictures! :)