Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's been a while since I've written up my miscellaneous I figure it's about time!

  1. I have a serious addition to Candy Corn.  I relapse every fall when Wal-Mart puts them right at eye level on the candy aisle.  I eat them till I feel sick...and then I eat about 10 more before I finally put the bag away!!! :)
  2. I made a skirt Saturday.  Whenever I wear it, I'll put up a picture of it. :) It's pretty basic, just a blue cotton skirt.  I have a feeling it will match a lot of things though! :)
  3. We were both pretty exhausted yesterday.  I have no excuse for me haha! Adam, on the other hand, has an excuse because he drove between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa all week and then back home Friday.  Saturday he worked and it was a game day, so that's always interesting! More people in town = more health issues & more chances of wrecks = more work for the firemen. (I really am amazed that there aren't that many fires during all the tailgating since there are likely lots of folks who don't know what they're doing...all packed into one town...grilling at the same time!) 
  4. Oh...where I was going with that last thought...we were both really tired all day yesterday.  After we slept till almost noon (I don't like sleeping late, but what can you do? haha) we watched A LOT of The Office on Netflix.  We finished up Season 3 and are about halfway through Season 4...maybe further?  Seasons 1-5 are on the Instant Netflix and Season 6 is on I guess we'll have to move those to the top of the queue soon! :)
I suppose that's about all today! Not too much going on right this moment.  I'm relaxing on the couch catching up on reading blogs/getting ideas and Adam's creating a soup concoction that already smells good. :)