Friday, September 3, 2010

Construction in my "front yard"

This is what I've been hearing while I'm in deep slumber at 6:30 in the in my "front yard." And by "front yard" I mean, the parking lot haha.  They've been working on the sewage system or something for the last month, and they're about finished! They're going to move to the other parking lot next week, which means I won't hear it in the morning haha! (And I'm hoping they'll repave that parking lot! It was needing it really bad!!)

Isn't that artsy?? :) I thought so! :) I was trying to capture as many of the trucks there, but the picture was taken during their lunch there wasn't much going on.

And guess what I'm doing today? I'm spending the day with the hubbie! His noon class is cancelled, so we just might go to Chill or AK's and get some frozen yogurt!! :)